What We Do

At Better Breed Cameroon, member work towards Cameroon’s development through youth development and empowerment. Better Breed Cameroon holds an average of four projects a year, with each centered on raising a more conscious, civic-minded, better informed, and skilled Cameroonian youth population.

Members contribute ideas which meet these criteria and we realize them as a team, committing time and effort as we each can. Today, over a thousand young Cameroonians have benefited directly from the following projects realized by the Better Breed Cameroon Team:

The Sama Randy Youth Write Contest

From inception, Better Breed Cameroon has organized youth essay contest calling upon young people to write essays of 1000-1500 words on pertinent themes concerning the nation. The youth essay contest was renamed in 2015 to honor Sama Randy, a brilliant young man and founding member of Better Breed Cameroon who passed away early 2015.

The essay competition has given young people a medium through which they can voice their opinions for a chance to win an attractive prize. Previous essay questions of the essay contest include:
What Problem Would You Prioritize as President of Cameroon and How Would You Solve It? (2013) & Can We Entrepreneur Our Way to a Better Cameroon, Why and Why Not? (2016)

Career Counseling

Better Breed Cameroon holds at least one Career Counseling project annually; either a free distribution of its “What Next?” newsletter or a Career Day event on a school campus.

The newsletter is distributed for free to final year high-school students who would have just completed their Advanced Levels of Cameroon’s General Certificate of Education examinations. Having just completed high-school, this group of young people are on the brink of life-changing decisions, this Newsletter provides them with the necessary knowledge to guide their decision making. Better Breed Cameroon also addresses youth unemployment and underemployment through on-campus events such as campus career days. The inaugural Campus Career Day was organized by Better Breed Cameroon in 2016. It brought a variety of stakeholders in Cameroon’s employment sector to the University of Buea campus to offer on-site guidance, and demonstrate career prospects and inspire soon to be job-seekers and more.

YouResolve Mentoring Program

Being committed to youth development as Better Breed Cameroon is, the association appreciates the need for one on one interaction with young people. For this reason, one of our main projects is a mentoring program called YouResolve. Better Breed Cameroon matches selected applicants to young professional mentors whose aim will be to help support and guide their mentees in achieving certain resolutions they have made towards self or professional development. The first run of this project took off in 2014.

Web Empowerment Workshops

Yet another regular project of Better Breed Cameroon is the Web Empowerment Workshop. Better Breed Cameroon offers small interactive group workshops to raise awareness of ICT use for career and personal development. As the world becomes a global village ICT knowledge is becoming a necessity for equal access to opportunities. These workshops target university students in particular building skills sets to approach the job market upon graduation from their higher education institutions. The workshop series meets young people where they are and shows them how they can harness the power of the internet to better market their talents, develop their potential and make their voices heard.

We have loads of other irregular projects too…

Parental Outreach Workshops: Where we target parents with gender sensitization and skills for raising their kids with leadership/consciousness potential…

Better Minds Book Series: Which covers everything from setting up Better Breed Corners at local schools without libraries to holding Book fairs and Reading Days with kids by kids.

Pechiambe*: A Sister/Brother- hood similar to the Girl/Boy Scouts.

Breeding Spaces: Assemblies of young people. Interactive workshop or town-hall styled to address certain areas/issues for the “breeding” for better Cameroonians.

And lots more…

Because what we do is youth work, all sorts and with passion.